F.A.Q for Blu-ray Ripper Pro

Q: When I use the trial version, if I want to buy it, what to do?

A: Run the trial version, click Help -> Buy Blu-ray Ripper to purchase it.

Q: How can I register this software?

A: After your purchase, you will receive a letter with the registration information. Copy the info instead of typing them one by one.

Q: How can I convert my Blu-ray to many chapters?

A: You can open "setting" drop-down menu from "Tool", then select "Load main movie, advertising and recordings". And then add your source file, it will be converted to many chapters.

Q: If I want to clip segments from the movie, how to do?

A: It is very easy. You can preview the movie and set the begin and end time for the segment you like, then stop preview and convert the segment, you will get your favourite segment.

Q: Can I convert my Blu-ray when I preview it?

A: No. You can't convert your file during preview. Please stop preview first.