Blu-ray Ripper Guide, Tutorial, Wizard

1. Add Blu-ray discs

  1. Click “Add Blu-ray” to input Blu-ray discs or DVDs, all the movie contents will be shown clear as day with title table;
  2. Click “Merge” to cut and merge video for your needs;

Blu-Ray Ripper

2. Powerful function clip, merge and cut video before conversion

  1. Click “1”, pause preview;
  2. Click “2”, to set beginning time;
  3. Click “3”, to set ending time;
  4. Click “4”, to start merging.

AinSoft Blu-ray Ripper

3. Seclect any output from various video formats in profile

Blu-ray Ripper

4. Professional “Profile Settings” for users to edit video’s attribute

  1. Support setting different “Video Size”, “Video Quality”, “Channel”, “Audio Quality”, get various quality converted output files;
  2. Support setting video bitrate, zoom for making personal diy videos.

AinSoft Blu-ray Ripper

5. Click “Start” button to rip or convert after all settings finshed.

AinSoft Blu-ray Ripper